Dr. Nancy O’Reilly

Keynote Speaker on Empowering Women

drnancy-oreilly“What an incredible time to be a woman! Never before have women been so powerful; yet many of us still don’t have the authority and power we need.
My mission in life is to change that.” ~Dr. Nancy

As a clinical psychologist, speaker, philanthropist and author Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D., devotes her energies to helping women claim their power.

Philanthropist Who Helps Women

She established the 501(c)3 WomenConnect4Good Foundation to educate women to participate in social-profit activities and improve their careers, finances, health, and relationships. She serves on the advisory committee of the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment Program of which she has become a major sponsor. Since it began in 2010, this global effort has educated 1,000 women in Ethiopia, increasing their income 240 percent.

Researcher and Writer on Women’s Issues

Dr. Nancy’s research with more than 1200 women about their attitudes toward and experiences of getting older was published in the respected professional publication American Journal of Health Behavior. She then presented it to the American Psychological Association Annual Meeting in Honolulu, 2004. Her book Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful at Any Age shares the results of this research and focus groups in a popular paperback book format that features strategies for success.

Dr. Nancy firmly believes women can and should re-fire their lives rather than “retire.” Her self-help eBook, Claim Your Power Refire Your Life, focuses on issues women face when trying to respond to life’s challenges. It details specific skills women can use to adapt to change, be resilient and use their natural assets to achieve happiness and success in life and the workplace.

She consistently seeks out smart amazing women who nurture power and growth in themselves and others. She edited and contributed to the book-in-progress, Soft is the New Hard, with nineteen other smart amazing women. Their common goal: to help women gain the power to fulfill their lives.

For seven years she has conducted scores of interviews with smart amazing women, which she has broadcast on Internet radio and publishes as podcasts on her popular website.

Honors and Recognition for Dr. Nancy’s Work

  • The Missourian Award for outstanding contributions to the state as a clinical psychologist and educator, 2010
  • Service on the State Committee for Psychology, a Missouri board that oversees professional standards.
  • Springfield Business Journal’s Most Influential Woman Award, 2007
  • Recognition August 2013 from United Way of the Ozarks for helping to found and continuing to lead Female Leaders in Philanthropy (FLIP), the United Way Women’s Leadership Council in Springfield, MO. These Leadership Councils now operate in 131 cities. Together, they raised 1 billion dollars from women during the last 10 years, making it the largest women’s philanthropic organization in the world.

Entertaining and Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nancy’s lively, humorous and engaging presentations on empowerment, success with co-workers of several generations, resiliency, mental toughness, mentoring and connecting for good entertain, educate and inspire audiences. Her warm and graceful style was readily evident in these keynotes delivered to:

  • Teens and parents on “Empowerment Means Being Seen and Heard,” at Women & Girls: Then and There, Here and Now Conference, 2012.
  • Red Cross Disaster Volunteers and staff at their annual appreciation luncheon, 2012.
  • Members of the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association Annual Conference on “Mental Toughness: Taking Care of Yourself,” 2011.
  • Springfield Business Journal’s Most Influential Woman awards luncheon, 2008.

As a Crisis Team Leader, she served in New York City after 9/11, in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and in Joplin, Missouri after a devastating tornado. She has spent years helping people reclaim their power after weather disasters, California fires, divorce, health crises and job loss.

Learn more by reading her detailed resume.


Smart Amazing Women Inspire Dr. Nancy

They are personally powerful, successful, and know how to survive hard times such as job loss, aging, divorce, hormone chaos including menopause, health crises, empty nests and society’s barriers. With the help of other women they can handle whatever life hands them, having learned to nurture power and growth in themselves and others.

Dr. Nancy has a unique combination of life and growth experiences. She brought together 20 thought leaders to write her forthcoming second book, Soft Is the New Hard, which offers specific tools that help women gain the power to fulfill their lives.  Her self-help eBook, Claim Your Power, Refire Your Life is available at DrNancyOreilly.com. She authored Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful At Any Age, based on her psychological research with more than 1200 women; she is currently working on an updated edition. Dr. Nancy’s publishing and radio careers,  community activism,  longstanding philanthropy, many honors and awards, and outreach as a public speaker have given her a unique perspective on what women can accomplish in the world today.

Learning From Crises

Countless hours serving as a crisis response team leader took her to New York City after 9/11, to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, Joplin after the tornado and many other disaster sites. She has devoted years to helping people reclaim their power after weather disasters, fire, divorce, health crises and job loss.

Dr. Nancy founded the not-for-profit WomenConnect4Good Foundation, which seeks to educate women to participate in social-profit activities and to improve their careers, health, and relationships. She received a Missourian Award in 2010, chairs a United Way Women’s Initiative, and participated in the 2011 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. She serves on many boards including the Missouri State Committee of Psychologists Board of Directors.

Dr. O’Reilly holds Clinical Psychologist License Number: PY01599. She operates O’Reilly Health and Wellness Consultation Services, L.L.C., in Springfield, Missouri 65809

Dr. Nancy Receives 2010 Missourian Award

Dr. Nancy D. OReilly, PsyD
Dr. Nancy and Family Members

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly received the Missourian Award for making an outstanding contribution to the state. Family members attending the awards ceremony in Jefferson City on October 2 included her mother Phyllis Tisdale and daughters Lauren, Leigh and Ragan.

Interviews with Dr. Nancy

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